Architectural Element Manufacturing Environments & Customer Touch Points Custom Displays Seating and Soft Furnishings Graphics and Corporate Signage Fabric Graphics Wallcovering Graphics Display Graphics Client Website Portals Design & Branding Capabilities

Architectural Element Manufacturing

Our expertise in working with all types of materials from solid surfaces, wood based panels, frameless glass assembly, metal powder coating, through to extrusions, and LED lighting kits; allows Ideal Image to offer a comprehensive package that few others can.

Environments & Customer Touch Points

Choosing the right display supplier is important to your merchandising program. The Ideal company must be able to reliably and consistently design, manufacture and deliver a display system that is creative as well as functional.

Custom Displays

Ideal Image is able to offer a comprehensive product portfolio of custom displays including our range of in house production glass cabinetry.

Seating and Soft Furnishings

Our extensive warehouse facilities offer a clean, climate controlled environment to hold both your finished goods and specified third party product prior to dispatch.

Graphics and Corporate Signage

Ideal Image offers a comprehensive approach to visual communications. From large scale wallcovering graphics creating a visual environment to digital graphics and content management – we can provide it.

Fabric Graphics

A high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic finished with a thin gasket strip and inserted into a lightweight aluminum frame with a recessed groove. The fabric is taut when installed in the frame for a smooth, finished appearance. The result is a large format graphic that mimics the old-fashioned hard panel graphics commonly found on custom displays and interior spaces.

Wallcovering Graphics

Our wallcovering is a high-resolution, direct print onto commercial grade, fire-rated material available in various weights and finishes. The wallcovering material is durable and washable with a mild detergent. The fabric is flexible in the fact that it can be wrapped around corners and inside insets for a seamless appearance. The result is a large format graphic that transforms a wall into a visual area.

Display Graphics

Our display graphics are high-resolution, directly printed onto Acrylic, Sintra (PVC), Dibond (ACM), and magnetic materials. The graphic is durable, fade-proof and can be produced as single or double sided. These graphics can easily bring visual communications to life in virtually any environment.

Client Website Portals

Ideal Image can provide e-commerce solutions and client specific portals. This creates instant access to brand assets your company offers.

Design & Branding Capabilities

Ideal Image can offer all necessary samples, CAD design, detailed shop drawings, engineering specifications and renderings. Our ability to provide and understand design makes us a true partner with benefits. Ideal Image works directly with your Network Development/Corporate Architectural Specialist’s to ensure the retailers are compliant with current program offerings. Ideal Image will then assist the local architect by providing pertinent information necessary for furniture and fixtures for final approval.